COVID-19 Open-Source Helpdesk

Jillian Rowe

Hi all,

My name is Jillian. I work in bioinformatics and genomics on the computational and devops side of things. I’m mostly useless when it comes to analysis, but if you need any of the following please give me a shout here or at . I mainly work on AWS but can work with onsite infrastructure if needed.

  • Spin up dev environment for any data science framework (R, python, numpy, Dask, BioConductor, etc)
  • Deploy RShiny / Dash / Dask in a distributed fashion and/or for high traffic.
  • Optimize RShiny/Dash applications to display real time visualizations of large datasets by parallelizing code and adding in back end compute clusters.
  • Deploy various compute clusters (HPC, Slurm, AWSBatch, ECS, Kubernetes, Dask, Spark, EKS, Docker, Swarm)
  • Optimize analysis of large datasets by using a scatter-gather approach and writing instructions for the dataset to be distributed and analyzed in parallel on any of the above compute clusters.

You can also check out my website at If this is a project to help combat COVID19 that will be publically available ignore the prices.

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