COVID-19 Open-Source Helpdesk

Join forces / coordinate with Crowd-fight Covid-19?

Crowd-fight Covid-19 has a similar aim though with a much wider scope:

Shall C19OSH be a subproject or coordinate with it?

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From a very quick read, it looks like that is more about coordinating research effort, where as this is more focused on stackoverflow / help-desk style support. The example they list (data entry, data extraction, the wishlists) that I think the people volunteering in this discourse would be able to help with are medium scale things (days to weeks level of FTE), where as I think this forum is aimed at very short term problems where if you can get the right persons attention it is order hours FTE to solve.

We should add some language to the landing page to redirect people out to crowdfightcovid19 for those longer term tasks.

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I agree with the analysis. Reciprocally it may be worth being referenced from their site.

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