COVID-19 Open-Source Helpdesk

Open Science COVID Analysis (OSCOVIDA) project prototype

Hi all, we put together a prototype of a dashboard with focus on

  • (i) time development of COVID19 infections and spread (see example for South Korea at,%20South.html)

  • (ii) open science: the plots shown at the above link can be recreated in Binder; everything is open source

  • (iii) regional data that is not available elsewhere yet (currently Germany is resolved into 492 areas)

Some more comments on the motivation for this project are at the project home page (
and /motivation.html [can only post two links].

There is more we would like to do, so if somebody wants to contribute from a software side, this would be welcome. We have an informal todo list at GitHub / fangohr / coronavirus-2020 / blob / master /

Also further ideas for interesting ways to visualise and process the data, or regional data sources for other countries (which haven’t got trackers yet) might be useful.

Best wishes,