COVID-19 Open-Source Helpdesk

Open-Source DIY hardware / workarounds available e.g. auxiliary masks

In e.g. in Germany there are concrete instructions being distributed e.g. by the fire departments how to manufacture e.g. auxiliary masks such as:

Do you think it would / could make sense to gather all “sources” for such open-source hardware instructions?

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That is a good idea! However, I think this may be a better fit for ?

The core-competence of the volunteers is very much on the software side of things. Our goal is to be a prioritized help-desk for the software to support covid researchers and there is value in sticking narrowly to that mandate.

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Thanks for the quick response: from my point of view this activity is more related to the source aspect (of such instructions) as to the data aspect; and the Helpdesks names states “COVID-19 Open Source”. Only the URL acronym TLA: OSS tends to the software only side.

However: I don’t want to start a big discussion with my first contribution.

I’ll also post the activity at the portal you’ve linked. Apart from that

  • are there any other known resources available that anybody knows of?
  • is anyone interested in contributing content to the project?

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There are lots lots of makers (I am one of them) who are manufacturing facial shields to be locally distributed to hospitals and other healthcare services.

Kudos for Joseph Prusa who first started and got in contact with the local hospital in Prague and with his minister of health, for the design of those face-shields (which is open-source and readily available).

Some feed-back from our local hospital (CHU-Grenoble) which warned about prints in PLA which are harder to clean and disinfect than PET-G.