COVID-19 Open-Source Helpdesk

Related project: Data against Covid

There is a related project forming at
The main focus there is to connect clinicians or anyone else who has a data-science related problem with data scientists that can tackle these problems.

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Indeed, there does look to be a bit of overlap there! Coordination is hard and it seems everyone had the same idea at about the same time :slight_smile:

I think the scope of the two is different, we are more focused on being a help desk, as the expertise we can bring is very much on the tool side of things, where as data-against-covid looks to be much broader and is looking to provide domain expertise.

I can see arguments for keeping them separate and aggressively referring to each other and arguments for merging them.

I have created a mirror topic at data-against-discourse


Thanks @constantinpape for sharing this information with us. I think @tacaswell’s idea to cross-refer folks is a good one. It’s wonderful to see so many folks lending their support and expertise.

From our webpage:

We are expert users, developers, maintainers and community leaders of major open source scientific computing software packages used across scientific fields, and we want to help you!