COVID-19 Open-Source Helpdesk

Support categories

I have gone a head and started a number of sub-categories under “Support” (“support” sounded better to me that “help”).

  • How do I…
  • Why doesn’t this work…
  • Why is this slow…
  • Dashboards
  • Installation
  • Cloud and High-Performance Computing

The names of the first 3 are definitely a bit folksy which may not be to everyone’s taste. These are the start of questions that I have personally yelled at my computer over the course of my research and hopefully will guide people to the right place (both to ask and answer). I was having trouble coming up with good nouns for these questions and was not coming up with anything that was either so broad it was meaningless (“general”) or very jargony. I expect these to be very broad categories application wise.

The last 3 I couldn’t come up with the start of a question that was representative of the category. I think they are not too jargony…

Do the descriptions on them seem OK?

Are there any one that are missing? Should any of these be renamed or merged?

Do we want to push these up to all be top-level categories? Re-grouped into several top-level categories? Call this good for now and see what cow-paths get paved?

Welcome to the COVID-19 Open-Source Helpdesk and About the Support category should probably be merged into one.

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Let’s remove uncategorized. When in doubt, we want users to funnel through the most viewed portal Support/How do I.