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Volunteer data scientists, data engineer and dev fullstack needed on site at Paris' APHP hospital

Forwarded from the mailing list “Paris Machine Learning Applications Group”.
The volunteers would need to come physically to the hospital, so I left the message in French. Could translate if needed.

Volontariat pour APHP - Coronavirus/COVID19 - 3 data scientists

L’AP-HP (Hôpitaux de Paris) a besoin de renfort de volontaires!
Ils recherchent notamment 3 data-scientists avec compétences Spark,
Python (si possible expérimentés), 1 data engineer expérimenté
connaissant les formats de données OMOP et FHIR et 1 dev fullstack.

Si vous êtes disponible pendant 2 semaines et pouvez venir sur place
(campus Picpus de l’AP-HP, 33 Bd Picpus, Paris 12e), merci de contacter:

Il s’agit bien de volontariat.

For more information please fill the form at to receive the invitation to slack. There is a number of projects there under #datascientists and #devs (and also already a large number of people).

Do not use the above email, she is completely overwhelmed by messages, there are 13k people in that Slack. All communication should go through Slack. Actually, @nthiery if you can edit your post to remove the email that would be best.

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@rth: I just tried editing my post but don’t seem to have permissions to do it, sorry. If someone with greater power can do it, please do! I am glad APHP is receiving much attention though.

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Subscribed! :slight_smile:

Hope I can help

Thanks! I’m not sure who has admin rights here…